3 Water Heater Problems to Be Aware Of

Our southern city of Peoria, AZ, never gets too cold with winter temperatures barely dipping below 40 degrees. Still, taking a shower at this temperature proves intense and harrowing if you don’t turn up the heat on your water. Unfortunately, if you don’t keep up with regular water heater inspections and maintenance, boiling water on the stove will be the only way to achieve a warm bath.

If you’re aware of common water heater problems, you could avoid the shock of a cold shower by calling Desert Water Plumbing & Rooter, Peoria’s trusted water heater repair technicians. Our five-star team has more than 20 year’s experience alleviating all water heater concerns, so call us immediately if you notice any of the following unusual behavior.

1. Water Heater Tank Leak

Your water tank has an inlet pipe that draws cool water into the heating unit. After warming the water, the outlet pipe runs the warm water to all sink faucets and shower fixtures in your home. However, since these two pipes rest at the top of your tank, a water leak flowing down the water heater means you have cracked pipes or the pressure relief valve is loose.

The temperature pressure relief valve (TPR) protects your unit by releasing small amounts of water if it gets too hot or pressurized. While it should be loose to allow water to escape, opening it too much causes a constant drip. Slightly tighten the valve to relieve the concern, but if that doesn’t work, you may need a replacement that requires professional assistance.

If water leaks below your water tank, it can also be your overflow valve if it rests below the heating unit. Otherwise, condensation formulates on electric water heaters, especially during the winter when warm water cools, causing vapor particles to liquefy. Turn up your thermostat settings to reduce condensation.

While these concerns have DIY solutions, you’ll need to call for reinforcements if your overflow pipe detaches from a nearby drain. You’ll also need expert repairs if you have a cracked tank that releases water from the unit’s body.

2. Reduced Hot Water

Like your furnace, your water heater tank has a pilot light that burns gas, producing higher water temperatures. If it goes out, you’ll have cool water that refuses to get warm despite how long you leave it running. You can relight the pilot light, but if the problem persists, you may have a faulty component. A defective dip tube could also be the cause if it doesn’t direct water to the bottom of the unit for heating.

Electric water heater problems like this typically originate from a tripped circuit breaker that bars electricity from reaching the unit. When this occurs, your tank will feel cool to the touch when it should be functioning. Simply flip the breaker back on; if this doesn’t work, you may have a wiring or electrical concern that needs professional servicing.

3. Weird or Loud Noises

Tap water contains many minerals that, when stored in your water tank, lead to calcium and magnesium buildups within the unit. Depending on the condition of your water supply, these buildups may formulate anywhere between one to five years without regular cleanings. The buildup then breaks off from the tank’s inner walls, depositing sediments into your water.

You’ll hear popping or rattling in your unit when on as the sediments move around. Unfortunately, these sediments can affect your water temperature by fluctuating it between cold, lukewarm, and hot. They also create blockages that reduce hot water and raise your utility bills.

Aside from scale and sediment buildup, you’ll hear a hissing or whistling noise with high pressure in your heater. Loosen the pressure relief valve to help some water and air to escape. If you don’t have a valve, ask for an installation of the necessary component with your next maintenance check for water heater problems.

We’re Just Getting Warmed Up!

Your water heater is a vital component in your household that, like your furnace, helps keep you warm as outdoor temperatures dip. Unfortunately, numerous heater concerns occur as your system draws closer to its 10-year lifespan. Rather than taking a cold shower, let us get you warmed up again!

At Desert Water Plumbing & Rooting in Peoria, AZ, we can handle all water heater problems, toilet repair services, and other plumbing concerns. Contact Desert Water Plumbing & Rooting at (602) 669-4401 to schedule services from a top company with 20 years of experience and over 200 five-star reviews!


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