Everything You Need to Know About Tub-to-Shower Conversion

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Transforming a bath into a shower is a fantastic way to improve your bathroom’s enjoyment while creating more free space. However, many Peoria, AZ, homeowners don’t know how to convert a bathroom into a shower correctly. That’s why our Dunlap Foundation Repair team put together everything you need to know about tub-to-shower conversion so you can bring your dream bathroom to life.

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Five Things to Know About Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Tub-to-shower conversion is a common bathroom remodeling project that can take your bathroom’s appearance and efficiency to new heights. However, it’s a complicated process that requires homeowners to evaluate multiple factors before starting the conversion. Understanding these factors will make the process much smoother and ensure a fantastic final product you can enjoy for decades.

Below are a few things to know and consider before starting a tub-to-shower conversion.

1. Evaluate the Renovation Options

Showers come in many forms, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. You can convert your bathtub into a luxurious tile shower that increases the bathroom’s visual appeal or replace the tub with a high-quality shower stall kit that’s as efficient as it is alluring.

Figuring out the type of shower you want to convert your bathtub into beforehand makes the process easier and faster. It also helps you estimate the project’s price before you hire a professional to install the drain lines and bathroom floor.

For example, converting a tub into a custom tile shower will cost much more than replacing it with a traditional walk-in shower kit. Always have a shower design in mind before starting the conversion.

2. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Although most showers are smaller than bathtubs, this isn’t always the case. Some showers require more space and will overcrowd your bathroom if you choose a larger model. Showers with hinged doors also need more room to open and close efficiently.

It’s best to find a shower that’s similar in size to your bathtub to prevent overcrowding.

3. Consider How the Conversion Impacts Your Home’s Value

Tub-to-shower conversion can impact your home’s value more than you might think. Many aspiring homeowners with small children prefer residences with bathtubs since they make bathing kids easier. Most will pay more for a property with a high-quality bathtub, making the conversion less ideal if you plan on selling your home to a family.

However, young adults and childless couples are less adamant about their bathroom fixtures if the bathroom looks appealing. You must assess the conversion’s impact on your property value if you plan on selling your home after the remodel.

4. Determine if You Want a Curb or Curbless Floor Pan Beforehand

Shower floor pans come in two primary forms:

  • Curb
  • Curbless

Curbed shower floor pans are more affordable and easier to install but less adequate for people with limited mobility. Meanwhile, curbless shower floor pans are relatively expensive but often provide a unique look that many homeowners favor. Determining your shower’s floor pan can help you budget your finances and estimate installation times.

5. Don’t Attempt Installation or Plumbing Projects That Surpass Your Abilities

Again, tub-to-shower conversion is exceedingly complex and requires specific plumbing skills that many homeowners don’t have. Never attempt tasks that surpass your skill set or comfort zone to ensure an optimal final product. It’s best to hire a professional plumbing and bathroom remodeling company to handle complicated projects you aren’t comfortable completing.

At Dunlap Foundation Repair, we can handle the entire conversion process while teaching you professional maintenance techniques to keep your shower in impeccable condition for years to come.

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