How to Replace a Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve

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Few aspects of your hot water heater are more important than its pressure relief valve. However, many Peoria, AZ, homeowners don’t understand how to replace a water heater pressure relief valve correctly.

That’s why our team at Dunlap Foundation Repair put together a brief guide to teach Peoria, AZ, homeowners how to replace a water heater pressure relief valve swiftly and efficiently.

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How a Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Works

Immense pressure and heat build up inside water heaters as they operate. However, too much internal pressure and heat can cause a water heater to blast into the air like a rocket, soaring hundreds of feet high while causing significant damage to your home. Fortunately, water heaters feature a pressure release valve that expels heat and excess internal pressure before they adversely affect the unit or your home.

Once a water heater’s internal temperature surpasses 210 degrees and the pressure reaches 150 psi, the pressure release valve automatically activates and releases unnecessary heat and pressure. However, if the pressure relief valve breaks, it can’t reduce the water heater’s internal pressure, causing numerous issues that negatively impact your home.

How to Replace a Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve

Step One: Test the Valve

Before you learn how to replace a water heater pressure relief valve, you must test the device. Place one hand on or over the water heater’s overflow pipe next to the valve and determine the unit’s internal temperature. The valve should be warm, but the pipe shouldn’t feel overly hot.

Next, lift the valve’s test lever to test its functionality. If water flows from the valve, the overflow line heats up, and you hear moving water within the pipe, the pressure relief valve works fine. However, if you can’t lift the valve upwards with slight pressure or you don’t hear water flowing within the pipe, you have a broken pressure release valve.

Step Two: Prepare the Water Heater

After testing the pressure release valve, set the gas control valve to PILOT and turn off the unit’s circuit breaker. Next, switch off the cold water inlet valve and turn on the system’s hot water faucet next to the water supply tank to drain excess pressure. Wait until the interior water reaches a safe level (below the valve) before moving forward.

Step Three: Remove the Valve

Once the water reaches a safe level, disconnect the water heater’s overflow line. Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the pipe from the pressure release valve and remove the valve.

After removing the pressure release valve from the overflow line, take it to the hardware store to ensure you purchase a new valve with the correct BTU rating and size requirements.

Step Four: Replace the Valve

Finally, wrap the pressure release valve’s threads with plumber’s tape and screw it into the water tank. The valve should face the overflow pipe and fit snugly on the unit. Once you secure the valve, reconnect the overflow drain pipe using cement (if the pipe’s CPVC) or compression couplings (if you have metal piping).

Next, switch the hot water faucet off and fill the water tank by turning on the cold water inlet valve. After filling the tank, open the hot water faucet again to release pressure within the line and tank. Turn on the unit and allow it to reach your desired temperature.

After an hour or so, conduct the pressure relief valve test again (step one) to ensure optimal operation.

Replacing a water heater’s pressure relief valve is exceedingly complicated, so it’s best to hire licensed plumbers to handle the process for you.

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