7 Bathroom Remodel Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes: Tips from Plumber

Redesigning your bathroom can revamp your home and ignite your creativity. It can also cause unnecessary stress if you haven’t nailed down some of the finer details. As Peoria’s top-rated bathroom remodel contractor, Dunlap Foundation Repair provides some insight on how to embark on a successful project.

Below are seven bathroom remodel mistakes to avoid for a hassle-free experience.

#1 Lack of Planning

The temptation to jump right into the creative aspects of remodeling can be overwhelming, but it is best to start the process with practical details.

For example, develop a budget. Only then can you relax about shopping for items that fit within a set budget. The cost considerations should include the following:

  • Appliances
  • Materials
  • Contractor rates

You can also create a virtual ideas board or a list of ideas you love to assist you in developing the bathroom layout or design direction. These details matter as you move on to purely visual aspects.

#2 Incompatible Materials

The aesthetic choices homeowners make based on this season’s trends will have long-term implications. Do you want fashionable marble flooring for your new bathroom? Be sure to consider marble’s distinct care requirements that you will need to incorporate into your housekeeping routine for the next few decades.

Some types of tiles crack easily, and other materials don’t do well in humid environments like bathrooms. You should also consider non-slip flooring for safety as you build ideas around your design preferences.

#3 Unfavorable Lighting Choice

Do you want optimal lighting for deep cleaning or applying makeup? Or would you prefer darker lighting options that create a relaxing atmosphere for showers or baths at the end of a long day? A single adjustable fixture or a couple of lighting options could do the trick.

An adjustable fixture lets you control the light levels with the turn of a knob. So, a set of bright lights or a single light that functions independently can still facilitate mood lighting. Also, consider how natural light plays into your bathroom setup—a well-placed window could illuminate the space adequately to save on energy costs during the day.

#4 Placing Style Ahead of Function

Minimalist bathrooms are a current fashion staple for a spa-like atmosphere. They provide an open, serene environment but aren’t conducive to many people’s realistic needs. For example, you may want storage for toiletries, cleaning products, towels, and other items.

Talk with your contractors about blending your vision with what you actually need. They can use experience from previous bathroom projects to personalize a gorgeous design for your bathroom and help you avoid some serious bathroom remodel mistakes you can’t undo.

#5 No Attention to Detail

Are you wrapped up in the creative process? Don’t forget about critical details like proper ventilation and plumbing fixtures. You don’t want your brand-new bathroom to devolve into a moldy, stagnant nightmare or opt out of certain plumbing fixtures and inadvertently devalue your home.

For example, many homeowners want to get rid of their bathtubs for a more spacious shower area. However, the home’s market value might drop without that bathtub that potential buyers would like to own. Creative decisions should never reduce your property’s appeal to compromise a future sale. 

#6 Unflattering Paint Selection

The type of paint you choose could make or break your bathroom. Plus, you should consider more aspects than just color. Analyze textures like gloss, matte, or regular flat paint because certain paint styles cover up those inevitable scratches better than others.

What do you want the paint to do for your new bathroom? Should it reflect light and brighten up the area or minimize the appearance of dust? A darker color disguises dirt and grime more effectively.

#7 Forgoing Professional Assistance

Finally, don’t miss out on professional assistance from experienced bathroom remodelers. You might think you’ll avoid the extra cost associated with hiring skilled contractors, but will that value reflect in your final home improvement project? The last thing you want to do is to begin remodeling, only to need extensive professional help later.

Choosing assistance from reputable remodelers elevates your project and helps you avoid racking up unnecessary expenses to fix DIY mistakes.

Avoid Bathroom Remodel Mistakes with Dunlap Foundation Repair

Would you like a team that excels in improving bathrooms? Our contractors can help you avoid bathroom remodel mistakes, choose the best tile for your shower wall, and more.

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