How to Remove the Sulfur Smell From a Hot Water Heater

How to get Rid of Sulfur Smell in Water: Plumbers Guide

Hot water heaters provide a creature comfort that most homeowners have come to expect. Having hot water on demand makes tasks like cooking, cleaning, and bathing easier and more pleasant. However, if you turn on your hot water and notice a rotten egg smell, you might be dealing with hydrogen sulfide gas. This smell can indicate various problems with your hot water system and requires professional solutions.

While there are various reasons your hot water might emit a rotten egg odor, finding expert water heater repair in Peoria offers the best solution. Professionals from Dunlap Foundation Repair can remove the hydrogen sulfide gas and rotten egg smell from your hot water. Call to request a free estimate.

1. Flush Your Tank

Most water heater systems have tanks that store heated water for later use. Over time, the water in these tanks can become exposed to sulfur-reducing bacteria and sediment buildup. These influences might serve as the main culprit for the rotten egg smell.

Professionals can flush your tank to remove these contaminants and restore the aroma of your hot water. In fact, most professional plumbers recommend flushing your tank once or twice a year to increase the efficiency of your system. That said, although flushing your water tank can provide temporary relief, it won’t resolve the issue forever.

2. Concentrated Chlorinated Treatment

Another solution for those wondering how to remove the sulfur smell from a hot water tank is to use a concentrated chlorinated treatment. During these treatments, professionals integrate chlorine into your water supply. Then, you let the faucets and water fixtures in your home run until the rotten egg smell goes away.

It’s important to note that you cannot use your water for 24 hours after a concentrated chlorinated treatment. However, you can expect relief from rotten egg smells for at least a few months. While concentrated chlorine treatments will provide this temporary relief, though, you will need more overarching solutions to fix the smell forever.

3. Install a Water Filtration System

One long-term solution for a rotten egg smell is a water filtration or softening system. These systems filter out bacteria and contaminants to provide cleaner, softer water throughout your entire system. You could also consider a sulfur water filter or hydrogen peroxide system to target hydrogen sulfide gas.

These systems eliminate rotten egg smells by dealing with the bacteria that cause the odor. Filters and softeners also provide added benefits, such as cleaner water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Finally, soft water is better for plumbing, as hard water can cause issues with pipes and water fixtures.

4. Replace the Anode Rod

Most tank water heaters have a magnesium anode rod to prevent rust formation on the tank and lower the chance of leaking. However, the chemical reaction between the magnesium anode rod and the heating element can cause bacteria buildup that leads to the rotten egg smell.

Removing the anode rod from your tank could lead to major rust formation. Instead, call professionals to replace your current anode rod with aluminum or other materials that eliminate bacteria buildup. Dunlap Foundation Repair offers various anode rods to remove the rotten egg odor and rust.

5. Get a New Hot Water Tank or System

After professionals integrate one or a few of these solutions, it should remove the unpleasant smell from your hot water heater. However, if none of these solutions work, you might need to call experts to replace your hot water tank.

Getting a new hot water heater offers you the chance to upgrade your system. Consider tankless heaters to avoid bacteria and sediment buildup.

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