Removing Old Kitchen Faucets: How Pros Do It

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Is your faucet leaking or rusty? You likely need a new faucet, but it’s not something you should do yourself. As the most skilled plumber in Peoria, AZ, Dunlap Foundation Repair can reliably install a new faucet without the headache of doing it yourself.

Why Replacing Old Kitchen Faucets Is Important

Even with proper maintenance, faucets wear out after 15 to 20 years. As it ages, the faucet begins to drip, the handle becomes stiff, or it can’t maintain good water pressure. At best, these issues wastewater even when not using the faucet, leading to higher utility bills. At worst, a leaky faucet leads to serious property damage or health issues when mold forms.

Signs You Need a Faucet Replacement

How do you know when you need a new faucet? Look for the following signs:

  • Old age: If your faucet is at least 15 years old, you’ll likely need a new one soon. Your plumber can help determine how much longer the faucet might last.
  • Leaks: If your faucet leaks, no matter how small it seems, it needs immediate attention to avoid further damage. While some leaks resolve with a simple repair, replacing older faucets may be more cost effective.
  • Poor water pressure: Low or inconsistent water pressure often indicates sediment buildup inside the faucet. Much like a leak, whether it requires repairs or replacement depends on your faucet’s age and the severity of the issue.
  • Visible damage: If your faucet has rust, cracks, or chips, or if it wiggles easily, don’t bother trying to repair it. A new faucet will last decades and improve your faucet’s performance.
  • Sediment buildup: Hard water can build up in your faucet and cause damage. You could benefit from a new fixture if you notice excessive buildup in the sink or on the faucet.

How to Replace a Faucet: Plumber Guide

Never try removing old kitchen faucets yourself. A professional plumber uses the following process, but a DIY job can cause serious issues during any of these steps.

1. Clear the Space Under the Sink

This is one of the few steps you can do yourself to help a plumber fix your faucet more efficiently. While the plumber installs the faucet above the sink, they connect it to the water line underneath. Clear everything from the cabinet that houses your faucet’s pipes to grant easier access.

2. Shut Off the Water and Power

Your plumber will shut off the water and power under the sink to avoid damage and injury. In some cases, they may close the shutoff valves on the main water line, cutting water to your entire home.

3. Disconnect Water Supply Line

After the water is off, the plumber will disconnect the faucet from the water supply lines. If the water isn’t shut off before this step, water will flood the room, causing damage that is expensive to repair.

4. Remove the Faucet

Mounting nuts, located beneath the sink, secure the faucet in place and prevent it from leaking or loosening. These nuts are often tight, requiring a plumber’s wrench to gain enough leverage to remove them. With the nuts removed, the plumber can fully disconnect the faucet.

5. Clean the Connection Point

Using a putty knife or sponge, the plumber removes any excess thread sealant from the pipe to ensure the new faucet fits tightly.

6. Place the Faucet

The plumber will hold the faucet over the sink while threading its hot and cold water lines through the holes and into the underside of the sink.

7. Connect It Under the Sink

Once they verify the faucet is in the correct position, the plumber will refasten the mounting nuts, washers, and bolts to seal the fixture to the pipe and sink tightly.

8. Attach the Water Supply Lines

With the faucet securely installed, the plumber will connect the water supply lines and wrap them with plumber’s tape to keep them watertight.

9. Restore Water and Test for Leaks

Finally, the plumber will turn on the water and power and test the faucet for leaks.

Dunlap Foundation Repair Makes Old Plumbing New

Removing old kitchen faucets isn’t as easy as it looks. To avoid a headache or more serious problems, let Dunlap Foundation Repair do it for you. We offer friendly service at competitive prices.

When you need quality and reliable faucet installation, Dunlap Foundation Repair can help. To book an appointment, call 423-657-2481.


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